things that make me laugh aka welcome home.

This sign advertises a road beer. That you would not have to hide in a brown bag. And could also drink in daylight without feeling weird about it. For only €1.

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leaving, sanfranciscostyle.

Something I didn’t expect: Still having a tiny bit of room in my suitcase after packing. I want to donate the small brown bag of clothes I don’t need anymore to the people living on Mission&24th. The moment I place the bag on a bench and let go of it someone already mumbles “Clothes?” and shuffles through it. He offers weed in exchange but no, even after three months of constant offers I’m still not smoking.

Now I’m sitting at the airport and TK next to me plays quietly his guitar. He came to San Francisco to skate and live and now, after eleven months, is going back home to Japan. We share a little melancholia and a little anticipation and a lot of tacos. I’m prepared to open Dortmund’s first mexican food truck. Some things to look forward to.

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14-8/2 – 14-11.

The desert isn’t that quiet. It just seems to absorb all those sounds you get used to and makes room for something else. Finger running through the silky sand. Wind sweeping over dry twigs. Blood flowing in your ears.

The rest of this trip I can only share with three people. I might tell you about it when we talk. But here, I’ve got no words.

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A tent shook, a decision made, a drink to be drunk.

14-3/2. I wake up at 5.35 am to the sound of a huge truck passing our house. No that’s not right, I live in a residential street and there are no trucks here. My mattress is laying on the floor and I feel it vibrating and the windows rattling, I sense the walls moving. It reminds me of laying in a tent and someone is obnoxiously shaking it to wake me up, only that this is a brick house. I wake up at 5.35 am to an earthquake.

It takes me some seconds to pull myself out of bubblestage into consciousness and that’s when I remember two dear friends that gave me shelter when I arrived in this city talking about their emergency plan in case an über-earthquake hits the city. The plan involved running up a hill before everything collapses. I’ve never been in an earthquake so I have no idea if this one is a building-collapsor, so I do what I often do when I have no clue: rely on people who should know better. That is, people who lived in this city longer than me since they get a hell lot of earthquakes. Noone’s moving and I am fascinated by this bizarre thing. After 15 seconds the earth goes to sleep again. I decide to do the same. (I know earthquakes are evil and destructive and such, but I was excited and am not having this discussion now.)

14-4. Shopping for the first presents for my friends back home. I go to a wonderful bar with outside patio that I’m really sad to have discovered only know. We eat chocolate and talk about how we’re going to change the education system by forcing every high school student to spent a year doing something else before going to university.

14-5. I get insulted based on my skin color for the first time in my life. More presents bought, I picture my tiny suitcase that I just bought from a chinese dollarshop and will have to send myself a package. I am part of an art installation.


Listen to The Sumner Brothers and Said the Whale.

14-6. I light a cigarette in what must be America’s only smoker’s bar and feel awkward. I am so used to the outsourcing of smokers that I constantly expect someone to tell me off.

14-7. My last day at my wonderful work. These past two months have given me so much orientation and passion and confidence that I will finally pursue my dream in the second attempt.

Random poet-gathering on the plaza of Mission & 16th.

Poetry on Mission & 16th Street in San Francisco

14-8. Two options: A. Spend the last weekend in the city and pour everyone I meet a Margarita with the bottle of Tequila a new friend gave me. See a dear friend one last time for her birthday. See naked people ride their bikes. B. Drive 9 hours. Camp in Death Valley and see the desert in bloom. Learn how to cook mexican food on a camping stove. Pour Margaritas for my three friends. Do nothing in the sun. Drive 9 hours back.

Everyone who has spent more than 2 seconds with me knows how I feel about decisions. But this one is giving me an exceptionally hard time. Everyone except for one person tells me to stay in the city. I you don’t hear back from me I probably got lost in the desert. I don’t want to jinx it. Talk to you all on monday!

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This post will end with rainbows and a waterfall at the beach, and yes this sounds spaced out, and no, I have no idea how I will ever be able to leave this place. Coming back from the trip to LA set the countdown for my last two weeks in San Francisco. Which means I’m cramming everything I wanted to do and didn’t find the time (or didn’t have the necessary no-more-time-left motivation) into these last days.

14. Returning home. Going to a Rocknroll/Punkrockshow by myself. Finding out it’s hardcore and adore the fragile girls in the moshpit. Seeing a guy standing behind his girl to prevent her from falling in case she gets hit by someone jumping around and thinking this is extremely romantic.

14-1. Working. Spending an hour in a tattoo parlor. Dancing. Being told You are my hero.

14-2. The rocky road to paradise takes three hours and doesn’t love you. On the way a lake and a ropeswing and the guys undress and jump and it feels like childhood and just from watching I laugh and buzz. We pass a landscape that reminds me of The Lionking and then through the vines and down a slippery pass onto a plateau. And then there’s the water. A tiny creek that attracts a trail of green inbetween the rocks and that disappears behind a cliff, I sense what that means but we’re still not there.

Another climb-down that’s less a trail and more a wall. Brittle stones that look like wood cover the path and I just realize my fear of heights has left the room, just disappeared.

I actually enjoy sliding down the steep path and jumping down onto the beach. Different thing when I turn and look at the way I have to climb when I want to go back, but that is later, and something else attracts my attention.

Every waterfall should end at a beach because this is where they belong, obviously.

We return in the dark, my feet hurt and I am sleepy and we make plans to go to the desert. It took me such a long time, nature, but I’m finally enjoying you.

14-3. Free Lindy Hop class in the Golden Gate Park. I have to sleep. I have to be lazy in the sun.

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Verwelkte Stadt.

Vor dem Hollywoodzeichen reichen blondierte Mädchen den Pelzmantel und die Pose weiter für ein besonderes Andenkenfoto. Beim Jazzkaraoke in der hippen Bar sind wir umgehauen von der Qualität der Sänger, bis uns einfällt: alles arbeitslose Schauspieler. Die Innenstadt ist heruntergekommen (aber das sind Downtowns hier irgendwie überall), es gibt einen Parkplatz wo du ihn brauchst, und im Stau steht man selten. Beverly Hills ist gähn. Venice Beach ist stehengebliebene Vergangenheit, verwelkt und charmant, und der Sonnenuntergang wartet nur auf dich, er wurde hier erfunden.

Weil es mir so unmöglich ist, das vorgeprägte Bild von diesem überpräsenten Ort zu löschen, kann Los Angeles keinen ungefärbten Eindruck hinterlassen, sondern mein Vorverständnis nur überschreiben. Das ist dann wie früher wenn man die Aufnahme auf dem Tape mit neuen Liedern überspielt hat und in den Pausen zwischen den Songs surrt der alte Sound leise im Hintergrund.

PS: Simon hat den Spaziergang über den Venice Beach Boardwalk gefilmt. Eine “audiovisuelle Schichttorte”. Gute Reise noch, Simon! Das war schön.

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we’re southbound.

Seit Samstag bin ich auf der Straße. Auf dem Highway 1, in einem blauen Cabrio, mit Simon aus Dortmund. Das heißt ab sofort immer schon mit gekämmten Haaren und nachdenklichem Blick in die Ferne, denn Simon ist Fotograf und ich renn ihm ständig ins Motiv. Motive gibt es hier hinter jeder Kurve, was an der Küste von San Francisco über die Half Moon Bay und Monterey bis nach Santa Cruz bedeutet: alle 100 Meter. Anhalten, Aussteigen, blauer Flitzer vor Fototapete. Deshalb brauchen wir für 300 Kilometer Strecke den ganzen ersten Tag.

Santa Cruz mit pastellfarbenen Schildern an seinen unzählbaren Motels strahlt den verblassten Charme der 60er aus und erinnert mich irgendwie ständig an die Flintstones. Am Strand Volleyballnetze und Menschen in Bikinis vor Surfboards, an der Promenade die Skaterpapas, und ich denk mir ihr spinnt doch, wer kann denn so ein Leben ertragen, wir fahren weiter.

In San Luis Obispo völlig skurril übernachtet, ein Traum in pink und glitzer, beheizter Pool mit Blick, Frühstück ins Zimmer, Geburtstagsgeschenk, wir lassens uns gut gehen.

Heute haben wir einen Riesenteil der Strecke abgerissen, von dort über Santa Barbara, Los Angeles mal kurz vom Highway aus gewinkt – das gucken wir uns ab morgen nochmal in Ruhe an – und in San Diego angekommen. Es ist dunkel, aber riecht frisch, und das und die mexikanische Grenze gucken wir uns morgen früh an, und eigentlich sollte das hier nur ein zwei Sätze vier Foto-Dings werden mit dem Verweis zu Simon, der nicht so faul ist wie ich und täglich von seiner beneidenswerten Reise (Wüste! Austin!) berichtet und das ganze ist feinstes travel writing of the future mit superinteraktivem Gedöns und 360°-Videos und unserer Reiseroute und regelmäßigen Smartphone-Updates von der Strecke. (Was aber auch bedeutet, dass ich beim Fahren durch eine Vierquadratzentimeteröffnung in der Windschutzscheibe navigiere da der Rest vollhängt mit Navigiergerät und GPS-Piepser und Kamerastation und portablem Spaceportal.) Und ach ja, hab ich erwähnt er ist Fotograf? Da dann das ganze nochmal in scharf und mehr und besser. Auch mal bitte hier reingucken: Sonnenuntergang in San Francisco vor ein paar Tagen und wir beide sprachlos vor Schönheit. Könnt ihr mal bitte alle hier her kommen.

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